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Project Description
EPiServer Template Foundation builds on top of Page Type Builder to provide a framework for common site features such as basic page type properties, RSS support, tags and date folders, MetaWeblog support for Live Writer, and various helpers for creating custom property types etc.

Status November 19 2011
Key features
  • Base classes for common page types and templates
  • MetaWeblog and Microsoft Live Writer support for publishing pages and posts
  • Tags and date folder sorting

Additional features
  • Helper methods for common content queries
  • Helper methods for creating content structures such as date folder hierarchies
  • Framework for easily creating rich UI custom properties based on user controls
  • PageTree extended with additional content templates for pages that have children
  • PageList extended with support for <AlternateItem> content template
  • Custom property for page contact
  • Image resizing and rescaling using URL parameters
  • Automatic meta tags provided by master page base class
  • Configurable through settings tab on start page

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The EPiServer Template Foundation (ETF) project depends on the following third-party assemblies:
  • Page type documentation integrated into the EPiServer UI
  • New image page property type with optional scaling/cropping and thumbnail preview


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