EPiServer Template Foundation 1.1

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Released: Apr 26, 2011
Updated: May 10, 2011 by tednyberg
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Release Notes


Here are instructions for installing ETF through Deployment Center.

Summary of EPiServer Template Foundation 1.1

ETF 1.1 is based on EPiServer CMS 6 R1. For EPiServer CMS 6 R2 use ETF 1.2.

The following describes breaking changes, new features and bug fixes in ETF 1.1.

As always all comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome on the blog and on Facebook (Swedish) or Twitter.

Breaking changes


  • NewsDateFolderPageTypeId settings property in StartPageBase has been renamed to DateFolderPageTypeId (also affects corresponding property in the Settings class)
  • RssPageTypeId property has been removed (auto-discovery links are now included for all feeds)

UI controls

  • Controls inheriting from PagePropertyStyleControlBase must now be placed inside an ASP.NET Table control (required to honor EPiServer's native UI appearance)
  • Indented property removed from ToolButton control, place inside PagePropertyStyleControl control instead to mimic page property appearance


  • JavaScript files are now linked from folder called 'scripts' (under path specified with 'Static files path'), for example: "/Templates/scripts/main.js"
  • CSS files are now linked from folder called 'css' (under path specified with 'Static files path')

User control custom properties

  • An exception is thrown if type inheriting UserControlPropertyBase doesn't have a PageTypeDefinitionPlugIn attribute

Page type base classes

Several page type base classes have been renamed for consistency:
  • ArticleContainerBase renamed to ArticleContainerPageBase
  • ArticleDateListingBase renamed to ArticleDateListingPageBase
  • ArticleListingBase renamed to ArticleListingPageBase
  • ArticleTagListingBase renamed to ArticleTagListingPageBase
The following interfaces have also been renamed:
  • IStandardPageBase has been renamed to IStandardPage
  • IPageTypeBase has been renamed to IPageType
The following page type properties have been removed:
  • EnableComments in PageTypeBase
  • EnableSharing in PageTypeBase

Extension methods

  • PageTypeExtensions.GetName() renamed to PageTypeExtensions.GetPageTypeName()
  • EnableSharing and EnableComments methods have been removed from Extensions class


  • ShareTab has been removed

New major features

  • DateFolderStructure class used to organize pages in date folders automatically
  • RssPageBase and RssPageTemplateBase for creating RSS feeds

New minor features

  • PageFactory.Instance.GetStartPage() method now has a generic version for casting to the current site's start page type
  • New ContactsContainer settings property on start page which, if set, limits the PageFactory.GetContacts() and GetPersons() methods to only look beneath the specified container (instead of searching the entire site)
  • A "Static files path" property has been added to StartPageBase to specify where static files, such as JavaScript and CSS files, are stored
  • Auto-discovery links are now added for all RSS feeds (pages inheriting RssPageBase, can be disabled for individual feeds)
  • RSS feeds can now be configured to include full content instead of just the description
  • New interfaces for page types:
    • IArticleListingPage
    • IContactPage
    • IPersonPage
    • IArticlePage
    • IEnableComments
  • DropDownList UI control now supports AutoPostBack property

Bug fixes

  • Caches for PageFactory are now refreshed when pages are moved or deleted
  • Full-size image object is properly disposed in Dynamic Image Processor
  • PageFactory.Instance.GetPersons() now sorts extended characters properly
  • TinyMCE UI control now follows EPiServer native appearance and uses EPiServer plugins for inserting links, images, and Dynamic Content
  • For more i

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